The ILP is an eLearning platform based on Moodle LMS.
Some courses are fully online, while others are a hybrid of face-to-face training mixed with digital resources and learning activities.

ILP Mobile Learning App

Mobile first design means that learning content is optomised to be viewed on small or larger screens. Digital content and activities can be used offline through the Moodle Mobile Learning App.

ILP Mobile App
study offline

Scalable for
thousands of learners

ILP Box - for no
or low internet





Create a local hotspot for 20-30 learners.

Synchronise all offline activities: forum posts, quizzes, lessons.

Made with Padlet
Full or partial support for Educators

Our team of education consultants will inspire and support you to:

> Find digital content online
> Create your own content
> Record Video Lessons
> Create Digital Worksheets
> Design Quizzes and other learning activities

Learning anywhere. Your device. Your schedule. 
With our ongoing support and human connection.

  Create Digital Content 

Share and Remix activities


Translate/ Contextualise

Report & Track activity